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Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Clapton Commercial Construction has made the decision to expand to the Arizona area from Michigan. With increasing their team force by 20%, securing talent and qualified personal will be a task of its own. This paper will touch on some of those strategies for recruitment as well as the impact of the organizational diversity on the organization. We will also consider any laws for recruitment and selections keeping in mind the environmental differences between Michigan and Arizona. Diverse Recruitment Arizona and Michigan are geographically in two different parts of the United States. Michigan is located in an area that English…show more content…
For our existing employees this should be determined through quarterly appraisals and ongoing training. Along with these tools assessments should be utilized to determine the right job for the right employee. With our new employees we are considering to hire, we should construct a skill test that will be administered during a two part hiring phase. Workforce training should be incorporated in this plan as well determining the goals of each department. “The only way to hire top performers is to give up the notion that they are going to find you and instead adopt a recruiting strategy that proactively finds them. The “we find you” approach is based on the premise that if you start recruiting before need (i.e., before you need to fill an open req), you have the time to identify the very best individuals by name and then build the relationship, so that you can, over time, better assess and “sell” them on your firm and the opportunities you can offer them.” (Dr. Sullivan, 2005) Clapton should recruit using group interviews during any open house job fairs. This will weed out any candidates who do not qualify for skilled positions and give them a hiring pool for any future non skilled positions that may open. During the advertising phase of recruitment it should be posted that any certificates should be presented at the time of application. Laws to Consider Minimum Wage in Arizona is $7.35 per hour which is also above the federal minimum wage of $7.25. The

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