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Week 2: The Healthcare Facility and Staff – You Decide Health Rights and Responsibilities HSM542 September 16, 2012 I. Identification The dilemma is that Mrs. Margie Whitson a patient at Golden Oaks Rehabilitation Center is going through some very hard times after just loosing her son William about a week ago. She has also had to deal with loosing her husband in the past 5 years leading up to this. She is also reflecting back to when she lost her first son to a motor vehicle accident. Margie is having a very difficult time taking this all in and now feels all alone and wants the one and only thing keeping her alive removed. Margie suffered a heart attack 2 years ago that almost took her life and she…show more content…
(Legal Aspects of Healthcare) The morals that are in conflict with this issue is nonmaleficence because the doctors, nurses, social worker, and ethics committee main priority is to make sure that nonmaleficence is not being implemented by any means. Other morals that are in conflict would be justice and autonomy because the committee has to take in consideration the patient’s right to make her own decision about wanting to live or not but they also have to take into consideration the benefits and risks of the patient that could come along with going through the patient’s request of removing her pacemaker. II. Information The ethics committee goals consist of: • Promote the rights of patients. • Promote shared decision making between patients and their clinicians. • Assist the patent and family, as appropriate, in coming to a consensus regarding the options that best meet the patient’s goal for care. • Promote fair policies and procedures that maximize the likelihood of achieving good, patient-centered outcomes. (Legal Aspects of Healthcare) It is clear that this dilemma consists of Margie wanting her doctor to assist with taking her life by removing her pacemaker. She has been through so much with the loss of her immediate family members that she wants to pass away as well to be with them because she feels like there is nothing else to live for. There are many theories of ethics that play apart in this

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