Hrm587 Part 4- (Communicating the Change- Due Week 6 Essay

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Part B: Press Release Communication FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: McDonald's USA Helping to Fight Obesity OAK BROOK, IL, October 9, 2012 - McDonald's on going commitment to offer healthier menu options McDonald’s has always been committed to providing great tasting and affordable menu items. We are also committed to making a difference in our communities with our new health and wellness directives. McDonald’s has worked very hard in developing ways to do our part to help fight obesity. We have assembled Global Advisory Council to help guide us. The Council is comprised of international independent nutritional experts. With their ongoing guidance, we have been prepared a widespread promotional plan to incorporate nutritional…show more content…
The topic was “McDonald's Takes Olympic Stage to Announce Advances in Children's Well-Being, Menu Innovation and Access to Nutrition Information”. The message was communicated by McDonald’s US President and CEO, Don Thompson, McDonald’s U.K. CEO, Jill McDonald, Chief Brand Officer Kevin Newell; and, McDonald's Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut. Along with the press release, McDonalds opened up 4 Olympic Restaurants that served various menu items with an assortment of tastes and nutritional values (Hary,R 2012). The purpose of the communication was to inform its global markets of the upcoming changes that are about to be rolled out and the major goal they have accomplished with their children’s well being and nutritional information change plan. McDonald’s wants to let the public know that they are a trusted brand that has made huge steps to meet its environmental and social responsibilities for the health and well being of its customers. In addition to the customers base, McDonalds message was being delivered to it’s investors, the public, stockholders, organizational partners, Food and Health Association, & and government agencies that represent health and children's advocacy groups. This communication will briefly explain some of those plans. The message in this communication introduces the following change programs: 1. McDonald’s Nutrition QR Code which will help customers gain access to nutritional facts about food via mobile devices 2. The McDonald’s

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