Hrm598 Case Study 1

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Case Study 1: Whole Foods, Prepare a Job Structure
Matthew Osborne
HRM 598
Professor Frederick Perry

Introduction Whole Foods is a supermarket that has several different positions that it needs to evaluate. This paper will address the recommended titles, and levels to be associated with this group of positions. This will help the company determine what and how to pay its associates. It will also help the associates understand what to expect when working at Whole Foods, what it takes to do a good job at Whole Foods. This will also help the company determine career paths for high potential individuals.
Evaluation of Jobs and Job Structure In creating the job structure, each job needs to be evaluated to see where it falls
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What departments overlap? If the job is responsible for stocking shelves, what other responsibilities fall into that job? In any case, the largest job responsibilities have to be considered before smaller ones and along with that, how much does each job affect the overall profitability of the store.
Job C was the Prepared Foods Department Team Leader, the largest compensable factors was the fact that it is responsible for profitability, expense control, buying, compliance, as well as hiring, development and termination. Job H is responsible for the same things, but on a much larger scale, as it is responsible for multiple stores. This is important because it defines that the job is a job that has a large amount of responsibilities including supervising other employees as well as other responsibilities such as profit and loss. These must be looked at first, then, the transactional types of responsibilities need to be broken out. Where the majority of the time is spent, is where the overall structure of the job is defined. Looking at these different things, gives a clear picture of what the job actually does. Then it can be compared to other jobs within the industry to see if the company is following industry best practices for these positions, as well as determine how the positions should be compensated.
Evaluation of Job Descriptions
The job descriptions were lacking in a few areas. They did

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