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hrmn 400 | ASSIGNMENT 4 FINAL ASSESSMENT | Southwest Airlines Case Study | | Temony McNeil | 3/9/2014 |


Southwest Airlines is a very aggressive company striving to increase its competitive advantage in the market without compromising the core values that have been set to differentiate itself from its competitors. It’s only by keeping the values of working hard, having fun, and treating everyone with respect that Southwest Airlines and its affiliates will continue to be an award winning organization. Southwest Airlines has been known to create a synergy between the multitude of personalities and behaviors which make up its workforce. Southwest has benefited from its successes by being able to acquire other
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The analysis may also reveal that the staff members of Southwest are suitable. It is very important that management first has an understanding of the fundamental business problems or opportunities that the organization may face due to the acquisition. Management will be tasked with making decisions that will ultimately determine the success or failure of the restructure. Most executives decide that some level of reorganization is needed whenever there is new business. As it stands, there are many reorganizations that are unsuccessful because they are not viewing the process correctly. The reorganization should improve the organizations ability to handle its most important decisions more effectively. (Blenko, Mankins, & Rogers, 2010)Along with assessing the workforce, the organization must also identify areas that may need to be restructured to achieve the goals of the company.
Restructuring the organization will be considered to be a major reconfiguration of the internal administrative structure that is associated with an intentional management change program. The goal of the restructuring will include results such as productivity improvements, cost reductions, increased shareholder value, and/or a better alignment of the organization with a changing environment. It’s important to recognize that although management views restructuring as a source of order during a turbulent time, their subordinates view restructuring as a source of disorder because it
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