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Assignment: 70 HRPYC81 Research report for project: PYC4809 Title: What motivates people to do volunteer work? Examination period: October/November 2013 Contents What motivates people to do volunteer work? Abstract Introduction The motivation of people to volunteer has long fascinated those researching and working alongside volunteers. Understanding the motivational drives of those who volunteer has long been a recurring theme preoccupying much of literature on volunteering. According to research by Esmond and Dunlop (2004), what actually motivates a person to volunteer is a complex and vexing question, yet understanding these motivations can be of great assistance to organisation. Every year millions of people…show more content…
Various scholars have studied different aspects of volunteering such as motivation to volunteer, related costs and benefits, socio-demographic characteristics and turnover (Leventhal). According to Widjaja (2010), the desire to help appears to be an essential aspect of the human nature and one type of helping behaviour is volunteerism. Numerous organisations like Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother Big Sister, have come to rely heavily on volunteer service. According to Wilson’s theory (cited in Van Emmerik, 2005), helping behaviour can be defined as activities entailing more commitment that spontaneous assistance in which time is given freely to benefit another person, group, organisation or cause. Volunteer experience, along with their motives have also been explored (Anderson, 2005 ). Many reasons have emerged, which include altruism, individualistic self-interest, welfare of others, personal growth and learning about life and death (Anderson, 2005). These motives have been verified in various studies (Anderson, 2005). Volunteering may also be seen as a way to build friendly relationships (Prouteau, 2008). The empathy-alruism hypothesis has not been without its challenges. The hypothesis has been disputed on several grounds each focused on the possibility that prosocial actions seemingly driven by the altruistic motives instead may be motivated by more egoistic, self-centred concerns. One difficulty in distinguishing altruistic from
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