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page 1 1. (TCO A). You are a healthcare consultant hired by the Midwest Healthcare System to assist them in developing their organization's strategic plan that will shape the development of a comprehensive network of services for their community. The organization provides the usual array of inpatient services expected in a moderate-sized community hospital. A local nursing home and retirement community is for sale, and the organization is considering the purchase of that agency. There is a regional hospital that is trying to establish a statewide hospital network. There is a local county health department that provides some clinic services, primarily for the uninsured. You’ve been asked to give a presentation to the board…show more content…
The board of directors and the president know that they have serious human resource issues. They understand that management practices have to change in order to compete in the local healthcare market as an employer-of-choice. As in any healthcare organization, fiscal resources are limited, but the board is firmly committed to investing in a well developed human resources plan that will decrease the turnover and stem the ever-growing turnover and vacancy rates. The president has asked you to attend the next board of directors meeting to share your plan for addressing these serious issues. What will you tell them? Outline the focus of your presentation and include the issues you have identified, as well as the recommended strategies for turning this around. (Points : 25) 3. (TCO C). Some physicians and for-profit healthcare organizations in your area are refusing to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients for a variety of reasons. These controversial decisions present not only a major breakdown in the healthcare delivery system but also in the financing of healthcare for many individuals across the nation. Delineate at least three reasons that physicians have for refusing to participate in these governmental programs, as well as the impact this practice has on other areas of the healthcare delivery system. (Points : 25) 4. (TCO D). As the executive director of a managed care company, you have been invited by Congress

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