Hs2 - Environmental Impact Assessment Report

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High Speed 2 Environmental Impact Assessment Report Introduction Environmental Impact Assessment is very advanced process of forecasting influence on environment of planned operation, in this case- High Speed 2. It is crucial to do EIA before any construction works commence, it will allow designers to change or improve the project in order to minimise negative consequences of it. This paper include analyse of main environmental issues, such as: impact on agriculture, forestry and soils; air quality; climate, community, cultural heritage, ecology, land quality, visual effects, noise/vibration, waste material resources and water resources/ flood risk. Abstract Environmental impact assessment is the formal mechanism used to…show more content…
To decide which of procedures is the most relevant to particular environmental effect- professional judgment must be made. Afterwards, draft of Environmental Statement can be prepared and publicly consulted. Then final version of ES can be formed. Environmental impact: EIA covers all issues listed below: Agriculture, Forestry and Soils: such as: farming and other rural enterprises, farm buildings, related land use and woodland planting, ancient woodlands; The designers assures, that good quality agricultural soil will be stripped prior to construction and stored appropriately for future use. Owners and operators of affected agricultural holdings will be entitled to receive compensation for any losses that HS2 will cause. Air Quality: this section applies to dust and emissions/pollutants related to construction and operational traffic. Inventors guaranteed that the railway will operate efficient, non-polluting (at source) electrically powered trains to minimise air pollution. Community: general effects on residential property, community facilities and communities as a whole: e.g. effects on public footpaths, bridleways, parks and gardens. Temporary presence of construction workers; All homes which are located close to the planned route have already lost 40 per cent of their value, some of them will be demolished due to the project, but the HS2 Ltd. assures that all

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