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What are the estimated economic benefits of the high speed two (HS2) railway and what will the impact be on the economy in the long run. Table of contents Introduction 1 Research background 1 Research aim 1 Research objectives 2 Research questions 2…show more content…
How many jobs will this project create once it is complete? Would these jobs be mainly long term or short term? How will this impact the overall job market?). Research objectives The two research objectives for this study are as follows; To explore the proposed cost to date for HS2; To look at the estimated effect on the economy in terms of jobs and revenues in the long run. Research questions The two research questions that follow on from the aim and objectives above are as follows; Will the build of HS2 benefit the economy in the long run? What effect will HS2 have on revenue and jobs in the long run? Issues The contemporary issues identified with HS2 are as follows, it is being funded by the government and is a sizable project, according to a BBC news article that follows the development of HS2 to date the government have the proposed budget currently standing at £42.6bn, estimating that it will take a long while to complete with the proposed date of completion in 2032-2033. The state of the economy at different points in the project will affect this in regard to the government always having sufficient funds for HS2. (British Government, 2013) The cost of fares is not known apart from the official government estimates show fare revenues of up to £34bn over a 60-year period. In terms of creating employment government Ministers claim the London-West Midlands section alone would create around
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