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“Code Blue – Emergent Care” HSA 515 Judy Finnie Dr. Jason Roberts December 2, 2012 Code Blue – Emergent Care In this paper I will be playing the part as a chief operating officer (COO) and I am responsible for a 15-bed Emergency Room (ER). In this scenario I am facing many complaints within the last year regarding inadequate care, poor Emergency Room management, long wait times, and patients being sent away because of lack of space, staff, or physicians to provide appropriate care. I am asked to (1) Thoroughly diagnose the root causes of the complaints about the clinic, (2) thoroughly devise a strategic plan for overcoming the problems associated with the current Emergency Room, (3) thoroughly justify how the “Good…show more content…
If it is due to the lack of beds for the increasing amount of people coming into the Emergency Room then I would seek to expand the Emergency Room department and add the amount of beds that are allowed by the state and government. The staffing will have to be a top priority and make sure that we have enough staff to cover and have the backup staff to cover people when they are calling in sick. I would also concentrate on the admissions process of the patients and the triage time and accuracy of these patients. Each step and specific need of the Emergency Room patient intake and follow up may need a special worker to make sure that their stay at the Emergency Room is fast and efficient. This would start with the first people to see you, which is triage. The nurses must have a special room to take down the information and why the patients are at the Emergency Room. These nurses also need to see how critical the visit is to the Emergency Room and address them accordingly. For example if you have someone with a broken arm you want to get their vitals and into the exam room as fast as possible. If you have a patient who is coming in for a headache and is just seeking some medication then they would not be as critical as the person who has a severe cut, heart attack, broken limb, etc. Then you have the Registration personnel come and take care of the necessary paperwork and see if someone else is able to do it for the

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