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Unit 4222-342 Support positive risk taking for individuals (HSC 3066) Outcome 1 Understand the importance of risk taking in everyday life : 1. explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life For many people risk is an accepted part of everyday life. Every day activities such as catching the bus, travelling on holiday, playing football, setting up home and starting a family all carry some element of risk. Risk plays a part in our health, safety, security, well-being, employment, education, daily activities, using resources and equipment and in community participation. But some adults, for example disabled people or older people, are often discouraged from taking risks. Traditionally they are not encouraged to take…show more content…
explain how to apply the principles and methods of a person-centred approach to each of the different stages of the process of risk assessment Working in a personalised way and developing a positive person-centred approach means accepting there are risks that cannot be avoided but which can be prepared for. Reasonable risk is about striking a balance in empowering people with support needs to make choices ensuring that the person has all the information, tailored to their specific needs, in the appropriate format, to make their best decisions "Involvement of service users and relatives in risk assessment": Involving the person concerned and the people that care about them most is one of the most fundamental tenets of any person centred approach. The process uses the 'Relationship Circle' to help the person and their allies identify key people who could form the persons 'circle of support'. This group of people is involved from the outset, in the initial gathering of information, in the framing of what the risk under discussion actually is, in thinking that generates ideas and solutions, in evaluating these solutions, in decision making around the risk, in implementing the actions and in the learning that takes place during these actions. Staff must understand what service users and others want, how they view their own risks and what responsibilities each person has in managing risks effectively. The Person Centred Approach meets this by asking for a clear picture

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