Hsc Assessment 2029

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HSC Assessment 2029

Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink.

Outcome 1

1. List potential hazards when preparing, serving, cleaning away or storing food and drink.
Be careful not to cut yourself with sharp knives, or burn yourself with hot oil or hot water.
Keep chemicals stored in separate area from foods.
Keep the date opened on containers or leftovers, do not use past safe date (varies by type of foods).
Ensure food is covered to prevent pests such as flies and cockroaches from getting on it.
Food preparation surfaces must be kept sanitary to avoid contamination of food.
Contact between food (particularly raw meat) should be avoided to avoid cross contamination.
Don’t store meats above
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You should always wear gloves to minimize the chance of bacteria entering the food from unclean hands.
You must always perform hand hygiene before putting a disposable gown on and after taking it off and placing it in the correct clinical waste bin. Aprons prevent any of your clothing from contaminating food.
Aprons are needed when you’re performing or assisting in a procedure that might involve splashing of body fluids.
They are also needed when performing or helping the patient/client with personal hygiene tasks.
They are needed when carrying out cleaning and tidying tasks in the patient’s/client’s living space, such as bedmaking.

1.4 Why should all surfaces and equipment be cleaned before beginning a task?
To prevent cross contamination from one food to another. This is done by always cleaning the counter tops, cutting board, knives, and other utensils, before introducing another food to the surface or instrument. For example, never chop up your vegetables on the same cutting board you used for the raw chicken, unless you have thoroughly cleaned the cutting board.

1.5 What is your procedure for the disposal of waste?
Clear away all unused food promptly and safely, preventing the growth and multiplication of bacteria. It also prevents a pest hazard as waste food attracts flies etc. I recycle the clients empty tins and bottles etc if they would like me to.

1.6 & 5.1 Provide examples of the different methods you use to store food &

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