Hsc English: Conflicting Perspectives - Ted Hughes' Poems

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The validity of an individual’s perspective on the truth regarding situations, events and personalities throughout their lifetime is subjective. Conflicting perspectives arise when two individuals experience the same situations, events or personalities, but take meaning from these experiences in opposing ways. Because of these contradictory views, we –as the audience – must challenge our assessment of the truth. We can do this by analysing the viewpoints presented by Ted Hughes’ confessional poems, The Minotaur and Red from his anthology The Birthday Letters (published 1998) and the feature article, Face of a People Smuggler by Fenella Souter, featured in Good Weekend (April 21, 2012). Through our analysis, we are able to separate fact…show more content…
This sentence emphasises Plath’s excessive anger compared to Hughes’ seemingly miniscule blunder of being late. The break in sentence allows the reader to register the negative connotations of the word ‘demented’, before they are able to grasp the fact that Hughes’ tardiness was the actual cause of the fight. In fact Hughes even accuses Plath for starting the fight over something he believed was insignificant. But was Plath’s unstable emotional state really to blame for the fight escalating? Any reasoning as to why Hughes was late is excluded from the poem. So how much truth can be taken from his perspective of how the events unfolded? Information being excluded from the truth stops it from being fact. Fenella Souter demonstrates this notion in her feature article The Face of a People Smuggler. Within the article, Souter explores the way Australian population perceives people smugglers, and juxtaposes this view with the life of convicted people smuggler, Ali Al Jenabi. Souter begins her article with her own perception of people smugglers, as she arrives at Al Jenabi’s home stating “People smuggling is said to be a lucrative trade…but this is a tired little fibro cottage in Sydney’s West”. The use of the conjunction ‘but’ and the vivid imagery juxtaposing between the illusory notion of wealth and the reality of mediocrity, creates the conflicting perspective in regards to how much a people

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