Hsc300 Unit 2 Assignment

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In 2013 at work I got a new position on a team with one other person called Trainer Development Team. When we were selected to be on the team we were already doing a position that we volunteered for, a maintenance instructor for C-5 aircraft. I had only been an instructor for about one year and it was a four-year position. I had not taught very many classes, but I enjoyed doing it. On the day, I found out, I was told by my supervisor that I needed to go see the boss, he didn’t tell me why. I immediately thought that I was getting in trouble for something, couldn’t think of what though. The boss was not a very approachable boss, it was awkward trying to talk to him. When I went to see him, he had me sit down and explained as much as he could about the new position I would be doing. He assured me that it wasn’t because I wasn’t a good instructor, they just needed someone in my career field to be on the team. He didn’t have a lot of information on the what all the job was supposed to be doing, it was new at our location and our command. I found out that there was one other team member and that the boss was going to become my new supervisor. The other team members name was john, he was someone that I had known for a little bit of time, but wasn’t very fond of. Before John got to the training detachment, he…show more content…
We started the first C-5 Training development team in our command, we had some issues with the training devise fixed before they became problems, and we completed all of our work on or before the due date. I think that voicing our opinions on issues that came up helped us out. If I could change the way we did things, it would be to bring up the issues one at a time instead of letting everything build up and come out at once. Looking back on this experience helped me see that some of my actions were not good for the team, and it could have made my partner lose trust in me and motivation for our

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