Hsc300 Unit 2 Case Study

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At this point Matt will have to tell a lie to keep his job. Matt should state when he got to his department Scott asked if he can stay after his shift ends to watch the videos due to he really needed him to help with the backlog. Matt can also state he really did not mind watching the videos after work hours because he really wanted to start work. Here are all things to consider when you are new employee, Scott asked him to sign the paperwork without watching the videos, which Matt did. On the hand, Matt should have asked Scott how HR tracks what you are doing during your 8 hour shift. Once Scott stated there is a production log that needs to be completed each day, at that point Matt should have said how are you going to log and watch 3 hour…show more content…
In addition with Matt being a good employee he may also think Matt is a wonderful employee due to his first day on the job he stayed after hours to watch 3-hour long videos. On the other hand, the HR director might ask questions about the videos. How will Matt answer questions about videos he did not watch? When some people get put on the spot to answer questions and they do not know the answer to the questions, their body language or their face expression tells that they do not know the answer. However, this might open an investigation within Scott’s department where each employee will be asked if they watched the 3-hour videos when they were first hired to Scott’s department. If Scott’s department does go under investigation, Scott better is prepared to answer why he did not allow his employees to watch the videos that are instructed by HR (Ghillyer,…show more content…
As long as HR never finds out Scott and Matt disobeyed all of HR rules regarding new hire orientation. According to chapter 3 that was very unethical what Matt and Scott did by signing the paperwork stating Matt watched the new hire videos when Matt does not have a clue what the videos are about. On the other hand, If HR department found out that Scott and Matt lied one of them could run the risk of losing their jobs. I am lead to believe Scott does this all the time, that is why Scott did not have a problem telling Matt just signed the paper work stating you watched the videos. Furthermore, Scott probably already knows HR will never ask the employees if they watched the new hire orientation videos (Ghillyer,
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