Hsc300 Week 1 Question Paper

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The end of chapter questions in this assignment consists of context from chapters 8-11. However, these end of chapter questions deals with the content in Chapter 11. This chapter deals with managing Health Management Information System Projects. The focus of this content is to discuss the HMIS implementation process, and examine the benefits and challenges of the HMIS. End of Chapter Questions: Chapters 8-11 HMIS Implementation Some of the critical success factors involved in HMIS implementation include: user characteristics, systems design characteristics, and organizational characteristics. User characteristics is one of the more broader categories that encompass “learning style, cognitive behavior, user attitudes and user expectations of what the HMIS can do for them” (Tan, Payton, & Tan, 2010, p. 235). Ironically, users don’t participate in the creation of the system, but constitute if the system should correlate with their expectations. If the system doesn’t correlate with user expectation then the HMIS implementation is not as successful as it could. Dickens and Simmons noted the factors that relate to resistance that include: operating efficiency, informal organization structure, user personalities and cultural background, peer pressure and previous…show more content…
This consists of hardware/software performance, the characteristics of information and decision-making support provided to the user, system interface characteristics (Tan, Payton, & Tan, 2010, p. 236). The system interface, one of the major factors in system design, can determine if the system is easy to operate for experienced and unexperienced users. Based on their design, HMIS should be designed in a way that the end-users organize themselves, they should be able to incorporate approving factors (like graphics and color), and should have previous users’ knowledge in
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