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1. Introduction:

A Health and Safety risk assessment is a planned process in which all hazards in the workplace are identified and their risk prospective evaluated. The risk possible is a mixture of the likelihood “when could an accident happen” with the severity “what could result” if an accident did happen. Once the risk potential has been identified, it will allow you to decide whether you have taken adequate (reasonable practicable) precaution or whether you need to do more to prevent harm. (Boyle, Tony (2008) Health and Safety: Risk Management,)
Risk assessment is an integral part of any Health and Safety management system. Conducting risk assessment provided an organization with a safe and effective working environment. Risk
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Hazard identification does not end with the initial investigation. Hazard identification should be regarded as an ongoing process. In general, the legal requirement is for hazard recognition to be undertaken; before and during the introduction of new work systems, plant and chemicals to the workplace; any alteration or change in the work place and where new information on hazards or control measures becomes available.
A risk management matrix is a tool that can be used to assess a risk by evaluating a hazard’s likelihood of occurring and its potential consequences. This will assist in identifying and prioritize hazards and implementation of controls.
When conducting a risk assessment the employer must consider the employees under his control and the general public which his business could affect (OSH Act part II; sec. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). An important issue to consider is the people who will be exposed to risks from hazards, and how any individual characteristics may impact on exposure. Gathering this information at the hazard identification stage will assist with the risk assessment efforts. In most cases, those affected will be the people involved in the tasks. During hazard identification people issues such as any special characteristics which should be taken into account for example, inexperience, age, gender, chemical susceptibility and ergonomic issues. Consideration must be given to persons not involved in the task. Could the persons be
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