Hsm 230 Law Profile Paper

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HSM Law Profile Paper

July 29, 2012
Monique Little-Ebron

HSM Law Profile Paper There are federal, state, county, and even tribal laws that have been put into place to protect both the client and the human service worker. Some are more of a guiding tool for human service workers, while some laws are designed to protect the client in a wide variety of ways. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) was originally enacted in January 1974 to require agencies to assess, investigate, and provide treatment, and prosecution in order to receive federal funding. To fully understand everything that this law has to offer, we must learn more about it. Possibly the best place to find information on this law,
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The law also provides Federal Grants to agencies that fall under its guidelines. Many agencies could not exist or be of any benefit to the community without this funding. This law protects children with disabilities, by means that housing that is unique to them be defined with specialized training and equipped to do so. Abandoned infants are a unique situation that is not as easy as one would expect to solve. Even though the “client” is unable to speak for themselves, they still need protection. When dealing with near homeless or homeless families, a human service worker may find they are unsure when to become involved more, which is something that this law will help guide them through. Finally, to protect children all around, it is now apparent that certain jobs that work with children must make their employees subject to background checks. CAPTA will certainly have a heavy impact on human service workers in many ways. This law is actually the beginning basis for child abuse laws in general. Over the years many laws have been designed in similarities to model their own version of CAPTA. Human Service workers will find themselves both enforcing the laws that are under CAPTA, as well as following the rules that are defined under CAPTA. Sometimes, a human service worker may find themselves referring to CAPTA with the client to explain what is required and what is not. For example, if a client

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