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When an organization starts to make decision about the programs it will offer they have to start thinking about the processes and outcomes they want to use and achieve through their program. They need to find the best ways to run their program that follows their mission and produces outcomes that help support that same mission. Process and outcome evaluations in a human service setting help the organization to better understand the outcomes of their programs and the processes in which the outcomes came. (Yuen, Terao, 2003) This paper will walk you through an explanation and outline of a process and outcome evaluation plan for the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. This process and outcome evaluation plan would be helpful in the organizations…show more content…
Participation in any selected planning and program activities in order to help with observations will be required of all staff. (Yuen, Terao, 2003) There will be interviews required of staff and program participants, in addition to biannual questionnaires, in order to document fulfillment of the program procedures and any other concerns. The staff training, workshops, and conferences will also be documented through records of involvement and minutes of deliberations. Encounter forms and attendance sheets that will document participation and amount of service will be available and used for each participant. (Yuen, Terao, 2003) Program Interventions: Yuen and Terao state that: “The documentation of program intervention should provide both qualitative and quantitative descriptions of the interventions.” All recording procedures will comprise several essential and different data collection approaches. The first step would be to have the descriptions of the type of interventions recorded along with any intervention products like therapy strategies. Second, the intake and application forms will be used to gather any information about the project participants. PEACE’s staff needs to know the specific situations each participant has come from in order to decide the best way to approach the subject in therapy and creating a personal plan to better help them heal from their

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