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HSM 310 Midterm Exam: Grade 100 % 1. Question: Discuss the "Great Society" agenda and its impact on health care in the United States. Do you feel that the Great Society initiatives were a positive step for American healthcare? TCO1 Student Answer: The healthcare system has progressed through numerous phases, change and challenges over the past century. Before the twentieth century the healthcare system faced the challenge of a predominance of acute infectious diseases, epidemics and unhealthy work and living environment. The federal government has provided college loans to students for tuition assistance. Today more than half of the students receive federal financial aid under the Great Society program. These educated individuals…show more content…
At the same time, services must retain the attributes of high quality, meet specific patients’ needs and offer a stimulating and rewarding environment for the providers as well. Instructor Explanation: Student answers will vary but might include cost reduction, patient preference, physician preference, and insurance coverage provisions. 5. Question : Explain the difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist. What is the key difference in roles? TCO5 Student Answer: A mental health provider is a professional who has received training and credentials to provide services to either improve mental distress and mental health and prevent mental disorders. Physicologist have studied with the aim at understanding, treating and preventing mental problems and disorders. A psychiatrist is a mental health professional who has been trained first as a medical practitioner but has then gone on to receive specialized training in treating mental disorders, including the more serious ones such as schizophrenia and severe depression. Instructor Explanation: Psychology is doctoral study, but non-MD. Psychiatry is MD plus internship, residency, and perhaps fellowship. Social Worker is master’s degree, MSW. Psychology and Social Work are counseling roles but do not prescribe. Only MD level Psychiatrists can prescribe psychoactive medications. 6. Question : Discuss the three primary sources of organizational power in hospitals. How should these three

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