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Week 1 – The Concepts of Market Justice and Social Justice James R. Freehahn HSM 315 The American Healthcare System Instructor Dr. Cheryl Chance, PhD. February 27, 2015 The Concepts of Market Justice and Social Justice Introduction In this paper, I will describe the concepts of market justice and social justice, explain how the two principles complement each other and in what way they conflict in delivery of health care in the United States. Secondly, I will discuss how health care is rationed in the market justice and social justice systems. Finally, I will discuss the types of health insurance that is based on market justice and social justice principles. The Concepts of Market Justice and Social Justice The concept of…show more content…
Social justice is the equitable distribution of health care in a societal responsibility. This can be best achieved by letting a central agency, generally the government, take over the production and distribution functions. These complement each other in that social justice is used in public health care while the market justice is used in private care. Social justice regards health care as a social good as opposed to an economic good. Types of Health Insurance Based on Market Justice and Social Justice In the United States the publicly financed Medicare and Medicaid coverage for certain disadvantaged groups, and the worker’s compensation program for those injured at work, are the type of health care insurance that are based on the social justice distribution principle. The United States’ access to health care services is limited. Access is granted only to individuals who have health insurance through their employers, (market justice), or are covered under a government health care program, (social justice). Some can afford to buy insurance with their own private funds and can pay for services privately (Shi, L. 2010, pg. 16). Conclusion There are two main distribution principle regarding health care in the United States. The first being social justice, and the second being market justice. The delivery system has continued to undergo periodic changes, mainly in response to concerns with cost, access, and

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