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Middlefield hospital was once a great hospital that served a variety of patients with the best care. Over the past couple years Middlefield has been having some problem because of the new big hospital in the area. With this new hospital coming to the area Middlefield has been losing many of its patients and getting a lot more uninsured or under insured patients. As CEO of Middlefield hospital I am recommending that do a couple things to improve the current financial performance of the hospital. First I feel like we have to become more competitive with the new hospital. First we need to go in and visit their facility to see what they have over there and what they are doing differently to make all of our patients that have been coming here…show more content…
Also just have Dr. McCrae doing educational mental health screening things to get more patients engaged in the department who may not even know that they need the services. Education is always the key to development. Middlefield should also sit down with Barbara and spend some time to better develop its quality improvement program by doing more than just collecting data but also take the results and actually using them to make improvements around the hospital that may actually attract some of their lost patients back, people usually leave for a reason because quality, personal touch, or just standards were lacking. So of Middlefield can work on improving some of these things that they may not even see because they are just so used to doing their usual that could make a huge difference and also bring some of their patients back because people tend to like to stay with the doctor who already knows their history and someone they are also ready comfortable with. When their quality of care changes then maybe their patient base will also and they will get back some of the paying insured patients from the area. All patients want to feel like they are in a very safe facility. These a couple of the short term things that I suggest that Middlefield do get back their old patient base and retain the one that they have still have. But on a bigger picture I feel like Middlefield should also

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