Hsm 542 You Decide Week 2 Essay

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Health Rights/Responsibility
Week 2 You Decide Assignment

After going through the case of Margie Whitson, the dilemma is the fact that Margie is looking to have her pacemaker removed which will in turn would end her life. So far, Margie Whitson has had a rough year and has come to the decision that she wants her pacemaker deactivated because she believes it is delaying her death. Her pacemaker is the only thing keeping her heart beating at this point. But even at that, her doctor, Dr. Vijay, refuses to deactivate it due to the fear of legal action/misunderstandings of the ethical and legal acceptability. Margie Whitson is very determined to have her pacemaker removed so she call for Jane Robison, the social
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Not only is she alone but her health is not good as well; she had hip fracture that has slowed her down, and a heart attack, which caused her to have a pacemaker implanted. In this case, the pacemaker is keeping her heart at the rhythm of 100% pace and without it she would not be able to live. This is when she decides that she wants to die and purses her case.

We do agreed there is a dilemma in this case. As the chairman of the ethics committee, I found that the dilemma here is that both the patient as well as the hospital staff are right in their view. A person has the right to choose to die however we cannot make a physician carry out the process. With my understanding, we are all on the same agreement and have been informed with all the information about this dilemma. Dr. Vijay has informed that removing Margie’s pacemaker would violate the ethics principles of justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence. If he followed through with Margie’s request, he would be going against helping others, avoiding or causing damage to patients, and disregarding the risks and benefits of Margie by performing the requested actions. Jane Robison has expressed that doing what Margie has requested would not be good for Margie nor her profession due to the ethics standards that are withheld for all the patients. She believes that with

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