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Running head: HTC CORPORATION 1 HTC CORPORATION INSHA SHAH UNIVERSITY OF AKRON Running head: HTC CORPORATION 2 HTC AT A GLANCE HTC Corporation (originally High Tech Computer Corporation) is a smart phone manufacturer founded in 1997 and based in Taiwan, as an outsourcing company. HTC Corporation prides itself on offering open source mobile phones which are easy for both developers and users, and has quickly established its reputation as a leading company behind many of the markets most popular operated branded-devices. According to the HTC profile on the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia HTC retains approximately 13,000 employees. They follow the typical tall organizational structure with many layers between workers and the…show more content…
They want users to be able to talk to friends and relatives, read books and access the internet on one device. With their smartphone they have started to see this vision come true (“HTC.Com”). HTC’s values:    Excellence in everything they do Commitment to clients, brands, projects and industry. Honor in dealing with clients, suppliers, employees (“”) CULTURE AT HTC HTC prides itself on its cutting-edge technology and innovative spirit. From studying its own website, HTC’s culture is competitive and diverse. Under the “Careers” tab, nine different employees’ pictures are featured with a video advertising HTC’s appeal as an employer. Five of the nine employees pictured are women; three are women of color, and all nine employees appear to be under the age of 40. HTC’s culture is hip, diverse, and fastpaced. The video stressed that technology is constantly improving and the “best idea” rather than the “biggest title” moves forward. This shows that the culture at HTC values creativity and competition (“HTC.Com”). HTC makes annual donations to the Social Welfare and Charity Foundation or Educational Foundation. This foundation funds leadership and character training for elementary, junior high and senior high students, cosponsors local community development and urban cultural revitalization efforts, targets the special needs of disadvantaged groups, and provides disadvantaged

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