Htc Marketing and Logistics

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Marketing Channel and Logistics of HTC

Executive summary
HTC Corporation deals in the manufacture of mobile wireless technology. The firm faces extensive competition from companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Apple and RIM among others. To stay afloat in the competitive field of mobile technology, HTC has continued to undertake extensive R&D in mobile technology, efforts which have been rewarded by the production of many ‘firsts’ including the numerous phones operating with Android and Microsoft software. On marketing and logistics, HTC has embarked on a long freight process which has continued to increase the prices of its products, thus putting pressure on its maintenance of
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Figure 2 Four V’s of HTC
Source: DataMonitor (2011).
Variety: Compared with its competitors, HTC does not make a wide variety of mobile and wireless technology products (DataMonitor, 2011).
Visibility: HTC’s products are easily visible and customers can view them beforehand in the company’s website (DataMonitor, 2011).
Variation in demand: Due to the company’s innovativeness in the wireless technology, and its leading role in manufacturing products which were termed as ‘firsts’, demand for its products is relatively high (DataMonitor, 2011).
Volume: Since the demand for these products is relatively high, the company is forced to produce large volumes of the products (DataMonitor, 2011).

1.3 Value chain analysis

It is important to evaluate the value chain since different countries around the world provide different raw materials (Gundlach et al., 2006). All these materials have to maintain a certain level of quality as a way of standardising the products. This standardisation is necessary to ensure quality is not compromised and therefore, putting the company in a better

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