Htc : My First Smartphone

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HTC One M8 From the day it was announced I wanted this phone. My first exposure to HTC was in 2010 when I bought my first smartphone, a Droid Incredible (of which I’ll be posting a review of in the near future). When this phone came out under Verizon’s lineup it was touted as one of the big Android competitors to the original Apple iPhone. Over my last two smartphones I have been a loyal HTC customer, so when this model was announced, I was sold. Now, brand isn’t the only thing I look for in my products. It is nice to have a company you can point at and say “Yeah, their stuff is consistently solid”. However, I want quality hardware as well and had Samsung, Motorola or LG offered a better option I would have purchase differently. I am solidly in the Android camp for my cell phone needs/preferences, so an iPhone was not something I was even considering. HTC had been working hard to please their customers with a flagship phone that could compete with Samsung’s Galaxy line and Apple 's iPhones. One feature the M8 marketed was an aluminum enclosure, and it drew me in. With so many manufacturers making smartphones from various plastics it was a refreshing change, I love the solid, sleek feel of this phone in my hands. It was absolutely worth the $699 price tag. Now, that being said I am a bargain shopper, if necessary I would have purchased this phone directly from HTC at full retail. Thankfully such sites as exist and I purchased a silver tone HTC One M8
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