Htc Strategic Options

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Table of Content
1. Introduction 3
2. Strategic Action 3
3. The Analytical Model 4
4. Overview of HTC Company 4
5. External Analysis 4
5.1 Macro-environment (STEEP) 5
5.2 Industry Analysis 5
6. Internal Analysis and the matching of capabilities with Key Success Factors 7
7. HTC’s Competitive advantage 8
8. Strategic Actions required to meet KSF or turn KSF into competitive advantage 9
8.1 Innovation and Agility 9
8.2 Brand and Equity 9
8.3 Economies of scale 9
8.4 Financial Resources 9
8.5 Product Portfolio 10
8.6 Overall Growth Strategy 10
9. Conclusion 10
10. References 10
11. Annexures 11

1. Introduction

This paper explores the strategic actions that HTC can adopt in order to become a leading smartphone company
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I-phone and Blackberry. This has the effect of making the rivalry more intense.
4.2.2 Key Success Factors

Some of the industry’s key success factors are as follows:
• Innovation & agility
• Brand equity
• Economies of scale
• Financial Resources
These success factors will be matched with HTC’s capability assessment below in an effort to determine gaps that exist and therefore require strategic action by the company.
6. Internal Analysis and the matching of capabilities with Key Success Factors

A view of HTCs internal resources was developed using the Resource Based View (RBV) model. HTC’s capabilities and gaps were identified by conducting a resource audit and matching these resources against the Key Success Factors to determine the required strategic actions.
6.1 Resource Audit
KSFs Resources required to address KSFs Comment on HTC’s Capabilities/Competence
Innovation & agility Human resources & skills

Intellectual capital

Process Management

Operating integrated systems HTC has an above average innovation capability in terms of Human Resources, Process management from their experience as ODM, as well as integrated systems. Examples of their innovations are: The first to a Windows-based smart phone – XDA, and they were also the first to develop an Android phone. Other notable innovation includes the development of
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