Hubble Space Telescope

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Hubble Space Telescope The telescope would become the indispensable instrument for investigations of the cosmos. Bigger and better telescopes were built all over the world. Planets, stars, and nebulae which could not be seen by the naked eye were now being routinely noted and logged. Such is the case with the fantastic discoveries for which the Hubble Space Telescope has been responsible during the twentieth century. Had it not been for the creation of such a monumental piece of scientific machinery, the worlds not have - 1 -acquired the mountain of information, photographs and previously unknown details that have come forth over the last decade. Indeed, the proficiency of the Hubble Space Telescope has allowed mankind to delve far…show more content…
Whether it was spending ÅÇrigid nights beneath the open observatory dome photographing nebulae¡¦(Parshall et al, 1998, p.PG) or forever challenging the concepts that he deemed unsubstantial, Hubble made it his lifelong ambition to ascertain as much information about the universeÃÔ vastness as he possibly could. Of all the monumental discoveries that were credited to HubbleÃÔ perseverance, one of the most important concerned the issue of receding galaxies. By all appearances, Hubble had stumbled onto the fact that ¡¦the cosmos was expanding, flying apart as if it has once been highly concentrated¡¦(Parshall et al, 1998 p.PG). Little did he know at the time, but his discovery would come to represent the big bang theory that has evolved as such a well-known concept within the worldÃÔ contemporary scientific society. Hubble was a US astronomer who studied extragalactic nebulae and demonstrated them to be galaxies like our own. He found the first evidence for the expansion of the Universe, in accordance with the cosmological theories of George Lema and Willem de Sitter, and his work led to an enormous expansion of our perception of the size of the Universe. Indeed, it was on account of HubbleÃÔ quest to prove his expansion theory, continuing forth with earnest skepticism at the various limitations others placed upon the universe, which eventually saved to establish his conjectures as reality. Due to his tenacity with regard to finding the truth, HubbleÃÔ
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