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The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most amazing machines in orbit right now. In 1946, an astrophysicist named Dr. Lyman Spitzer proposed that a telescope in space would reveal better and clearer images that are even far from earth than any ground telescope. This idea was very extravagant because no one had yet launched a rocket into outer space. As the US space program excelled quickly over the early years, Spitzer lobbied NASA and Congress to develop a space telescope. In 1975, the European Space Agency and NASA began to develop the telescope that would change astronomy for ever. In 1977, Congress approved funding for the development of the space telescope and NASA named Lockheed Martin Aerospace Company as the prime contractor …show more content…
Scientists came up with a solution to correct the defect in which they came up with a replacement "contact" lens called COSTAR. The Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement consisted of several minute mirrors that would intercept the beam of the flawed mirror and relay the corrected beam to the scientific instruments at the focus of the mirror. The Hubble telescope is a compound telescope design where light enters the telescope through the opening and bounces off the primary mirror to a secondary mirror. Then the secondary mirror reflects the light through a hole in the center of the primary mirror to a focal point behind the primary mirror. At the focal point, half transparent mirrors distribute the light to the various scientific instruments. The Hubble Telescope mirrors are made of glass and coated with multiple layers of pure aluminum that are three-millionths of an inch thick and a coat of magnesium fluoride that is one-millionth of an inch thick to make them reflect visible, infra-red and ultraviolet light. The primary mirror weighs 1825 pounds and the secondary mirror weighs in at 27.4 pounds. By looking at the different wavelengths or the spectrum of light from a celestial object, you can tell many of its properties and features. To do this, the Hubble Telescope is equipped with various scientific instruments. Each instrument used

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