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Guidelines for Article Reviews *MGNT 7330*, *Spring ‘*10 Student identification: Citation: Kroll, M.J., Toombs, L.A., & Wright, P. 2000. Napoleon’s tragic march home from Moscow. Academy of Management Executive, Vol. 14 (1): pp. 117-127. Theoretical framework: The authors of this article believe that hubris comes from four major sources which feed into the individual and if the person is weak to the hype generated by their success that they will fall victim to hubris and the implications it brings. The four sources of hubris that the article discusses are narcissism, series of successes, uncritical successes of accolades, and an exemption from the rules. The three implications that are a result of a hubris person are their…show more content…
I think it is important that the article should comment on the fact that having the opposite of hubris is not always successful. Implications for practitioners: I think this article should be sent to every CEO and upper level manager in every company around the United States as I feel that there is a sense of invulnerability or “to large to fail” methodology going on. Companies which are successful are losing their competitive edge and becoming lazy because they feel that they have won the game and now are in cruise control mode. A good example of this is in the extremely competitive automotive industry where Toyota which is the world’s largest manufacturer of vehicles is having a massive 4 million car recall over faulty parts and poor software implementation. Toyota has built their business name on reliable and safe products and I feel that over the last several years their products have not lived up to their namesake as quality has been slipping. This article could help upper level management look at their history and see that they are not invincible and help stop the bleeding of customers they are currently facing. Implications for pedagogy: This article is limited to the domain of upper and middle management leadership which has the ability to make changes in their work place. I believe this

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