Hubspot Case Analysis

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HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0
Highlighted S.W.O.T. Analysis
* HubSpot is considered a leader and innovator in inbound marketing strategies/practices and a sought after producer of Web 2.0 technology (applications and software). * HubSpot has already reached 1000 customer mark. * coined the term 'inbound marketing'. * HubSpot's freeware (The Website Grader, The Twitter Grader and The Facebook Grader) had proved extremely popular. * In 2009 more than 6500 websites, 22,000 Facebook profiles, and 2 million twitter accounts had been graded by the free tools. * HubSpot was successful at engaging its customers with via social media and Web 2.0.. * Their YouTube channel
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* HubSpot was already ignoring 50% of the leads brought in inbound marketing programs. Increasing selectivity would not foster rapid growth at HubSpot. Shouldn't HubSpot sell to anyone who wants the product?

Opportunities * Everybody involved with HubSpot (leadership and investors) saw huge potential in vast market (comprised of small and medium sized businesses) available to the company. * There were approximately 2,300,000 small and medium sized businesses in the US alone.

* HubSpot had quickly been able to distinguish two types of customer from the broad and diverse consumers that it attracted: "Owner Ollie" and "Marketer Mary". * "Owner Ollie" was the owner of a small business with 1 to 25 employees. He was extremely due to the fact that he was simultaneously managing human resources, marketing, sales, operations, and finance. * Owner Ollie's made up 73% of HubSpot's customer portfolio. * "Owner Ollie typically doesn't shop around, or try to find any other competitive software to HubSpot. He gets on the phone decide if he likes it. And if he dies he gives you his credit card number." * "Owner Ollie was fairly easy to sell". * "Owner Ollie" focused on using SEO to increase visitors to their website. * "Marketer Mary" was a marketing professional working for a company ranging from 26 to 100 people. She was supported by marketing team

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