Huck Finn Analysis

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is a novel written by the witty and satirical writer, Mark twain, and sets out in fictional St. Petersburg, Missouri, along the shore of the Mississippi River. The story is narrated and told in first person by the main character and protagonist, Huck Finn, who is an adventurous, mischievous, and clever, 14-year-old boy; who struggles with his identity and moral dilemmas. Because of his dire past with an abusive and extreme alcoholic father, named Pap, Huck was taken in by a widow in town named, Widow Douglas, an avid Christian, who wants to “sivilize” Huck. Huck’s main goal in the book is to achieve freedom (from society) and adventure on his own; which he does with Jim, a highly superstitious, runaway slave, who was owned by Widow Douglas’ sister, Miss Watson. The two end up meeting on island in the middle of the river and runaway together; making the two characters alike, despite their skin color and age. Both Jim and Huck are seeking to find freedom. Jim is seeking to find freedom from slavery, while Huck is seeking freedom from society and the norm. What really makes this book stand out is how realistic it is, and how it exposes the way us humans treat each other. Twain’s purpose of Huck Finn was to inform his audience the flaws and problems he saw in society back then, which we can still see some of it todays time. One of the biggest issues in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, was slavery. Back then in the 19th century, which was

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