Huck Finn Attitude

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Faith Loll Mrs. Laughlin 1st hour 2/5/17 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn In the novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain, the main character Huck Finn has a change of attitude towards Jim, who is a slave, and they each grow closer over time, even though society tells Huck that what he is doing is wrong and shameful. Huck was raised in a society where they devalued individuals of color, they were a property not a person. But over the course of the book, Huck has begun to realize that society was wrong about those like Jim, and he realized that Jim actually was a human too and not just a property. He begins to transition his views from he is just a slave, to he is an alright man, and then he finally realizes that Jim is like a friend to him that he would do anything for. In the beginning of the novel Huck and Tom decide to poke fun at Jim, because after all he doesn’t understand what is happening most of the time. “Tom said he slipped Jim’s hat off…show more content…
“But somehow I couldn’t seem to strike no places to harden me against him, but only the other kind. I’d see him standing my watch on top of his’n, instead of calling me, so I could go on sleeping; and see him how glad he was when I come back out of the fog; and when I come to him again in the swamp, up there where the feud was; and such-like times”(Twain 161). Here Huck is trying to come up with something, anything, that’ll harden him against Jim, so he can turn him in, but he can't. He knows that he’s already broken so many rules for Jim so he just says “ Alright then, I’ll go to hell” (Twain 162). Huck has already broken all of these rules so why not go all the way. Both of these examples show that Huck has completely changed his views towards Jim since the beginning of the
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