Huck Finn Quotes

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Solomon Banks B block Huck Finn Journal #3 I feel that there was much character development in these certain chapters. One of the most meaningful quotes in this section in the novel occurs at the end of chapter 23, when Huck and Jim have their conversation. Huck is clever enough to assume what Jim is upset about, displaying Huck’s ability to be in touch with emotions. The quote reads, “I knowed what it was about. He was thinking about his wife and his children, away up yonder, and he was low and homesick; because he hadn’t ever been away from home before in his life; and I do believe he cared just as much for his people as white folks does for their’n” (Pg. 156).This quote also causes me to realize how much Huck truly develops as a character throughout the novel because I don't believe he would say something like this before. Although the small size of the quote, it carries much meaning, along with displaying Huck’s consideration for a friend like Jim. It also demonstrates Huck’s emotional side with is not shown very much in the novel. Huck knows more than what it seems like he would, and he does not fail to prove that. I think that a life of abuse and heartbreak caused for him to bottle up his feelings and keep them hidden, but like everyone else, he still has feelings. This quote also displays the certain connection that Jim and Huck have between each other, the reason being they had become so close. In my personal opinion, all I think he wants is someone to take care
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