Huck Finn: Racist or Not Racist?

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Mark Twain went against endless amounts of criticism about his racist’s comments in his novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The character of Jim is demeaning to African-Americans as he is portrayed as a foolish, uneducated, black slave. The “n” word is also used in the book describing him and many other African-American characters in the story. However, some see this book as anti-racist and believe that the use of racist’s comments is not racist at all. Those who think that are mistaken because Huck Finn in clearly a racist novel. The most obvious piece of evidence towards proving Mark Twain’s novel racist is his use of the “n” word. The word is used more then 200 times in the novel and the way it is used makes it look like…show more content…
What he is not realizing is the pain this work brings to the black society. A book that has brought so much controversy to the world should be banned from libraries and schools. What school committees need to do is think of the African American students in their school systems and think of how they must feel when reading this book. I am not targeting Mark Twain as a racist, but he has brought this upon himself when creating such a racist book like The Adventures of Huckleberry
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