Huckleberry Finn Literary Analysis

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To be an individual it means to be one person without having a society to manipulate or shape someone into someone that person doesn’t want to be or doesn’t fit the way they are. In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Song of Myself and What we fought for come together to express the concept of individualism/ self-worth and equality while at the same time illustrating these ideas through first-hand accounts and historical time frames. At the time these stories were written they were able to give hope or comfort to people who were struggling during the industrial revolution, civil war and slavery. Some people were more likely affected such as those in slavery and workers who barely had enough to eat. As the years went on few people knew about these tales since it would be considered a “sin” if anyone wanted to express their inner self to the public eye. For this reason, one or two of these tales were hidden from anyone to ever read since they feared it would unleash the power inside an individual that will lead them to believe being free was accepted. As emphasized in Mark Twain's satiric novel The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, published in 1884 during the time of slavery, talks about a young boy named Huck, who tries to find himself while living with racist white Christians who try to shape Huck into a sophisticated individual. Through a change in his posture and formally speaking they assume he will most likely be accepted into the “good place” also known as
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