Huckleberry Finn Packet Essay

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HReview Question Chapters 1-20 Huckleberry Finn Chapters 1-3 1. What doesn’t Huck like about the Widow Douglas? The fact that she makes him wear new clothes that are tight and she wont let him smoke and he had to pray before he ate his food. 2. What does Jim think has happened to him as a result of the trick that Tom plays on him? Jim was sleeping when they snuck out, so Tom played a trick by placing his hat on the branch above his head; when Jim woke up, he told everyone that a witch flew him all over town and then placed his hat up there. 3. How does Huck know the drowned body that was found is not his Pap? Huck says that a man would float on his back, and not on his face, unlike that drowned person. 4. When Tom’s…show more content…
7. How does Huck like life with his father? Why does he run away? He liked living with his father because he didn’t have to do chores. He runs away because he is tired of always being locked up in that house, and he is afraid of always being locked up. 8. How does the physical description of Huck's father in Chapter 5 also serve to describe his character? Huck's father's appearance shows that he has no job and is obviously a drunk. He doesn't seem to be taking care of himself very well and is just a complete mess. His face and his clothes are both a complete disaster. He is basically a loser and useless. 9. What does Huck’s father criticize about the government? What does Twain want the reader to feel about these issues? I would characterize Jim's predictions in these chapters superstitious, and not quite believable. The reader does sense which ones will come true and which one will not depending on how Jim repeats them. Like the one about the birds and the rain, Jim mentioned and repeated that one many times making the reader [me] believe that it will rain. However, other predictions like how hairy chests and arms mean that you will become rich is not so believable. 10. Why does Huck think about Tom when he is working out his escape? Since Tom’s imagination is so big, Huck knows
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