Huckleberry Finn Setting Analysis

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Setting: The setting of this story changes throughout because Huckleberry Finn is moving around and exploring. In the beginning he is in a town called St. Petersburg that sits next to the mississippi river in the state of missouri. Which is across from Illinois. At this part he is living with a widow named Miss. Watson. Who owns a slave named Jim. The house is 2 stories with a shed on the outside in front of his bedroom window. Then on behind that there is Miss Watson’s garden and some woods. The mood here is jolly because they are all getting along and are friends. Then Huck’s dad comes to town to take back his son.He sleeps in a pen with hogs. The mood here is tense because they are fighting over who should
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It is in first person because it is narrated by the main character Huckleberry Finn. The narrator's perspective is that he likes to be on his own and not civilized. This is Huck’s perspective because in the book it says “ here weren’t no home like a raft. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft.” This develops throughout the text by that in the beginning they are trying to get civilized but it was annoying to them. Then they run away and experience tragic things such as friends dying. Then they meet back at the raft and have a good…show more content…
He might be sneaky but he is the protagonist character because he is the main character and he tries to help a slave became free. Also there are other protagonist characters in the story. Like Jim the runaway slave, he is a protagonist character because he helps people and he is Huck’s friend. Even though he is a runaway slave he means well. Some antagonist characters are Huck’s father, Duke, King, Miss Watson, shepherdsons, and the phelps. The father is antagonist because he traps Huck in a cabin and he is always beating Huck. The Duke and the King are antagonist because they sell Jim and they are always getting Huck and Jim in trouble.Miss Watson is protagonist and antagonist because she gives Huck food and a home but she tries to civilize him. Huck does not like from that because he does not want to be civilized. The Shepherdsons weren't really Huck’s enemy but they were shooting at him and his friend. That is the same for the Phelps but instead they gave food and a home to Huck but they had Jim and Huck wanted Jim to be free.
Character Change: In this story there are few characters that change Like Miss Watson is hard on Huck to become civilized but as the story goes on she gives him more sympathy towards him. But the character that changes the most in this story is Huck. He changes the most because at the beginning he tries to get civilized then he doesn’t want to be civilized in the end. But another big
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