Huckleberry Potter : Literary Characters In Movies And Movies

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What is the most recognized name in the world? Perhaps, it is Beyonce, or maybe Donald Trump. However, when this question is asked to look for a literary characters’ name, a myriad of choices still exist. Huckleberry Finn, Sherlock Holmes, Matilda, and Harry Potter are just a few of countless popular characters’ in literature. Many are so popular that a film is created from their novels. One of the most recognized novel collections that has been made into a movie series is the Harry Potter collection. This is a multi-billion dollar franchise that has captured the world for decades. It is based on a young boy named Harry Potter, who faces many struggles throughout his magical journey at Hogwarts. Harry Potter was created by the wickedly detailed J.K. Rowling, leaving the film producers with large shoes to fill while casting his movie character. To the average eye, Harry’s character in the novels and movies are similar, but with further research, differences can be uncovered. A novel characters’ debut must be described in great depth in order for the reader to remember them. One set of details that J.K. Rowling spares no expense on is Harry’s appearance. The majority of Harry’s appearance was kept consistent between the novels and the films. The reason that the producers of the films could be so accurate with Harry’s appearance was because J.K. Rowling left such a detailed “script”. Harry Potter is depicted in the text as being “small...for his age”, “skinny”, and “scrawny”.

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