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Katlyn Hudson
Eng. 1113.3
Feb. 10, 2017

Benefits of Biodiesel

?On the road again, just can?t wait to get on the road again.? The famous Willie Nelson has made this song a country music classic. These days Willie Nelson is ?On the Road Again? in a whole new kind of way. Willie Nelson constantly travels many of miles going to and from concerts. Instead of filling his custom-made tour bus with classic diesel fuel, he uses an alternative fuel known as biodiesel. Biodiesel is good for the environment, economy, and energy.
Bio diesel is good for the economy because it is a fuel which can be created from locally available resources such as vegetable oils, coffee grounds, and animal fats. Biodiesel production and use
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The excess use of fertilizers can result in soil erosion and can lead to land pollution.
The production of biodiesel helps provide employment in many towns such as Durant, Oklahoma. This plant alone has employed 148 people bestowing to Joel Arellano in the Durant Daily Democrat June 22, 2006. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the biofuels industry employs a wide range of workers in a variety of occupations (Sept., 11): Scientist and engineers conduct research and development, construction workers build plants and update infrastructure, agricultural workers grow and harvest feedstock, plant workers process feedstock into fuels, and sales workers sell the biofuels. A 2012 study by Richards found that ethanol production supported 401,600 jobs in 2011. A National Biodiesel Board study found that the production of 1 billion gallons of biodiesel supports 39,027 jobs. While Rick Da Tech states that working on a biodiesel plant has been known to be very dangerous because of the toxic and flammable liquids, it is hard to look past the many of job opportunities it provides for public.
Pacific Biodiesel in 2017 says Biodiesel balances energy by how much is required to produce, refine, and distribute the fuel compared to the amount of energy released when it is burned. This property is used to determine how ?renewable? a fuel is. A higher ratio indicates a lower environmental impact, as less fossil energy is needed to produce,
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