Hudson Bay Case

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Liquidity (some implications are missing, please complete them)
An increasing current ratio for the financial year 2013 to 2015 is a positive indicator and shows that the company over the years has secured more current assets than its current liabilities. It shows that the company is solvent. The value is (have not finish?? Please complete it )
In the year 2014 the cash ratio was high which suggests that the company had more liquid assets in the year 2014 than the year 2015. As this is the ratio of liquid assets to the current liabilities of a company. This means in the year 2015, the liquidity of the company decreased and it was in a more efficient position in the year 2014 to pay its short term debt.
Profitability (some implications are missing, please complete them)
Increasing gross margin is a positive parameter and shows the firm’s developing healthy. Gross margin is calculated by subtracting the cost of goods with the total sales revenue and then dividing it by the total
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The associate maintains as well as process the daily order requirement and ensures that the order reaches the customers on time complying with the company standards. The customers can also use online shopping and the Auto Locate increases efficiency in the online outbound logistics delivery to the customers.
Marketing and Sales
Hudson Bay has taken some smart marketing and sales moves, after the acquisition of Saks Fifth Avenue, the sales of the company in the year 2014 doubled to a value of $1.913 billion from the annual sales of $984 million (CANADIAN PRESS, 2014). It uses innovative marketing tactics to gain market efficiency such as the test initiated by Hudson Bay to study the purchase pattern of the Canadian people in order to better orient their marketing activities. The firm markets itself using integrated marketing strategy and has press releases (to…?? Have this sentence finished?)
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