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Very Unpromising: This query is a little bit ambiguous, as there are no direct search results that encompass this entire phrase. If you remove the term collectibles from the search results, it seems that a salt paste can be made for cleaning items. Therefore, the user intent is probably find information about how to make or purchase a salt paste to clean collectibles. In this case, the ad creative is Very Unpromising, as it advertises a Pasta of the Month Club for buying gourmet sauces and pasta, which is unrelated to the user's intent. Somewhat Unpromising: The user's intent is to find a specific basketball player's shirt or jersey, and the ad creative is for general shirts at Macy's. Although Macy's may carry the shirt specified,…show more content…
The user is not specifically looking for Lyft jobs, but Lyft driving is a service job, and a search of the site shows that they do hire in Austin, TX, so Satisfaction Possible is an appropriate rating. The user is looking for rockers or gliders that can be used while holding and nursing a baby. Gliders and rockers are available directly on the landing page, so user satisfaction is very likely. This user is looking for musical instruments and audio equipment. The landing page is part of the website for EquipX, a marketplace for industrial machinery and equipment. No musical or audio equipment is available on the landing site, so this landing page won't help the user fulfill their intent; therefore, the most appropriate rating is Dissatisfaction Likely. This landing page offers embossing and stamping services, not craft supplies for customers' use, which is what the user is looking for. Some users searching for [crafts stamping & embossing] may be interested in this site, and it is marginally related to the query, so Dissatisfaction Possible is the best rating. If an advertiser landing page provides enough content to rate, don’t use the EDNL flag. In this case, the Office Furniture website partially loads, despite the fact that the exact landing page in question lead to an error 404 page. Because the user would be able to search the site from this landing page and find the exact clock they were looking for, the page deserves a Satisfaction

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