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Planning and Creation of a Fleet Truck Maintenance Database for Huffman Trucking In creating a database, the most vital steps are identifying the table elements. Upon analysis of the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance form, the elements of the database tables can be identified. In a table, or relation, the entities and attributes of a table define the structure of a database. An entity is an object of importance about which data can be captured. An attribute is the information that describes the entity. When creating the tables for the Huffman Trucking Fleet Truck Maintenance, entities and their relationships must be taken into consideration (Koenke & Auer, 2010). Selection of Entities and Attributes In the…show more content…
• Vendor_ID (PK) • Vendor_name • Order_Address_ID • Billing_Address_ID • Phone • Fax Vendor_Addresses- a table displaying vendor addresses. • Address_ID (PK) • Vendor • Street • City • State • Zip Chart 1. The entities and attributes chosen for the database are displayed. Creation of the Entity Relationship Diagram The next step in creating the database for the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance document is to establish the relationships within the database. Relationships between tables can be illustrated in an Entity Relationship Model or ERD. In an ERD, the tables and their attributes are shown and their relationships are demonstrated using lines. In an ERD, there are two main types of relationships (Kroenke & Auer, 2010): Relationship Classes- associations among entity classes Relationship Instances- Associations among entity instances Their Binary Types can further organize relationships: One-to-One relationships, One-to-Many relationships, and Many-to-Many relationships. The traditional model standards for ERDs call for diamonds representing relationships and rectangles representing classes. However, ERDs are loosely standardized and often look different from one another due to software such as Microsoft Access and MySql Workbench that create ERDs using proprietary applications. When creating the ERD for the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck
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