Huffman Trucking Benefits Election System Risks

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Huffman Trucking: Benefits Election System Security Lisa M. Gardner CMGT442: Information Systems Risk Management March 19, 2012 Craig McCormick Huffman Trucking: Benefits Election System Huffman Trucking Company has requested a new Benefits Election System to be implemented within the organization. The current benefit packages include medical, dental, and vision plans for employees. For the Benefit Election System, employee information and the benefit package they choose are stored and managed on a database system. This can either be a hardcopy paper file or an electronic file. Regardless of the storage method, security measures need to…show more content…
By utilizing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, individuals and corporations alike can determine where their weak spots are and attempt to correct them prior to the risk occurring. Taking into consideration the Benefits Election System, there are several potential risks within the systems. These risks include database corruption, spyware, and hacking. Database Corruption Database corruption is one potential safety concern for the Benefits Election System. Database corruption comes in several forms including viruses and worms. Viruses act as a real program that is installed on the computer or network and every time the program is accessed the virus spreads to other programs until the system and/or computer essentially crashes. On the other hand, worms attack the security holes within a network. Like viruses, worms attach themselves to holes within the security of the network. Once worms have attached to the network the worm then scans for other networks with holes to replicate. This kind of corruption to the system can lead to loss and damage of information on the system. Anti-corruption software is readily available in today’s market which reduces
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