Huffman Trucking

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Huffman Trucking Infrastructure Assessment
Huffman Trucking is first major freight carrier that has managed to grow tremendously over the past few years (Huffman Trucking, 2008). The company has 925 drivers, 425 support personnel, 800 road tractors, and 2100 trailers. The organization offers various customers base and distribution capacity. The mission of Huffman Trucking is to increase the profit and become a growing, and adaptable company. Huffman Trucking plans to leverage the automated information system, and technology to provide better customer service and business performance.
Information System Infrastructure
Huffman Trucking is a major transportation company that has four facilities around the country. The organization
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Huffman Trucking plans to track the vehicles with tracking devices. The tracking devices enables the organization to measure, analyze freight delivery, and performances. The tracking device ensures accurate delivery time, and tracking shipments on the way. The database at Huffman Trucking will allow capturing, and maintaining the information at its four locations. The database will also support the workers by providing the ability to track the trucks like when a truck requires maintenance work. The database can also capture the information generated from tracking devices and can help drivers to complete tasks on time. Huffman Trucking can make use of distance information and distribution schedule to guarantee the shipments. The trucks can have scheduled maintenance and can avoid problems due to non-maintenance. The database will help in maintaining records, inventory information, and vendor related ordering at appropriate time. Huffman Trucking plans to develop an information system, and database that suffice the requirements.
Huffman Trucking plans to become a warehousing delivery supplier with providing the shipments just in time (Huffman Trucking, 2008). The implementation of just in time shipments, ERP, and vehicle tracking devices can enable Huffman Trucking to provide abilities to knowledge workers to improve its
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