Huffman Trucking Initial Risk Assessment

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Huffman Trucking Initial Risk Assessment Introduction Huffman Trucking is a national transportation company based in Cleveland, Ohio. (UOP, 2009) The organization has 1,400 employees and 800 trucks on the road, with logistical hubs in California, New Jersey and Missouri. The company’s mission reads: “our mission is to be a profitable, growing, adaptive company in an intensively competitive logistical services benefit environment.” The focus of Huffman’s mission is on stockholders, customers, regulatory, employees, stakeholders and technology, which supports the company in accomplishing its mission. Huffman’s mission is tied closely to its business continuity plan, focusing on the appropriate areas of high-level concern in the mission…show more content…
Explanation of the Importance for Stakeholder buy-in and for a Champion The stakeholders are the shareholders, managers, and employees. The current situation has caused a dilemma that affects all stakeholders equally. When the business is at risk, everyone involved should be concerned about the future of the organization. However, the responsibility falls to the senior leaders of the organization to solve the current issues. However, holding 80% of the company’s stocks is concerned not only about the organizations current issues but also with the value of his investment, as he gets closer to retirement. This creates an ethical dilemma due to his personal finances and retirement being directly affected by the company’s performance. In addition, the CEO believes that the status of the organization is not as bad as some of the senior leadership team would say. The shareholders interest is purely profit. The impact of how Huffman Trucking runs the business and implements change has a direct reflection on the company’s image. The company’s image will influence sales, which in turn will affect Huffman Trucking stock price. The senior leadership team is concerned with losing some of the key players in the research and development, sales, and information technology departments. In addition to the issues with employees, some of the

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