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Huffman Trucking Information Systems Security Review and Upgrade
Background and Statement of Need
An increasing growth of the Huffman network infrastructure and architecture requires review of existing network security hardware and software/application resources. This review will help to determine requirements for new systems and possible upgrades to protect Huffman Information Systems from exploitation and ensure security features are in place to combat increasing threats to customer information bases, industry information, technology and assets, and existing and increasing identity theft threats. Negative consequences of neglecting these information security issues can be measured in predictable loss of revenue due to identity theft,
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The overall scope will encompass Huffman Information Technology and its information systems security capabilities. Specific technologies to be addressed will be: Human Resources Information Processing systems, Data storage networking processes, day – to - day information processing security procedures, logons, security scripts, network access control, and Web access control.
Technologies and processes not within the scope are; the coordination for Type III and above encryption and keying material and coordination for National Security Agency (NSA) communications security (COMSEC) requirements. New networking or information systems technology will not be introduced into the scope of this project unless it provides necessary network security features for the prescribed protection.
Impact to ERP and SAP processes and operations will be kept to a minimum. Downtime may be needed to implement significant network components and software but will be coordinated and scheduled to occur during less than peak business hours to keep operational impact to a minimum.
Task Responsibility Matrix
The following resources are assigned to the Project Team and have associated responsibilities:
Project Manager – Project leader manages teams and provides oversight.
Chief Information Officer - Provides support, funding,
Information Architect - Provides engineering, testing criteria, technical goals, works closely with Programmer, Technical Lead, and Network Admin.
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