Huffman Trucking's Request for a New Benefits Election System

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Huffman Trucking: Benefits Election System Huffman Trucking Company has requested a new Benefits Election System to be implemented within the organization. The current benefit packages include medical, dental, and vision plans for employees. For the Benefit Election System, employee information and the benefit package they choose are stored and managed on a database system. This can either be a hardcopy paper file or an electronic file. Regardless of the storage method, security measures need to be implemented to protect employee's privacy and information as well as preserve company assets from theft and/or litigation. Huffman Trucking Huffman Trucking has implemented such a system called the Benefits Election System, which assists management in tracking and reporting employee benefits (University of Phoenix, 2005). This paper will examine the security risks and requirements of the Benefits Election System of the organization. Security Requirements Ensuring the security of organizational and employee information is vital for any organization. Security misfortune can be damaging to the organization and the affected employees. In the case of Huffman Trucking information stored in the database includes names, social security numbers, and personal employee information used for the Benefits Election System. The cost of loss of such information typically results in the same outcome - the loss of financial resources or the harm to one's information. In an effort to

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