Huffman's Cabin-Personal Narrative

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Blinded The oppressing heat emanates from within my body, fuelled by the woman that obstructs my vision. The familiar sensation of frustration gushes through my veins, like a tsunami increasing in intensity. I observe as she persists in her torments, humiliating and degrading a young man: who is merely attempting to reach his seat. His body language speaking volumes, indicating his stress and confusion, it was all too familiar. His hands fumble as do his words, struggling to control his anger. I watch her, desperate to be heard, as she persists in denying access to his seat. His face contorts with pain, as he repeatedly attempts to gain a position in his seat. His stern voice vibrates through the cabin, as his pleas resonate with the passengers.…show more content…
I rise from my seat, watching as the passengers divert their attention to me. Their confused glances burning into my being, like the sputtering ashes of a fire, burning holes where they land. I divert my eyes, catching a glimpse of a distressed hostess, her unease is obvious as she tangles her fingers. The atmosphere thickens as a chorus of insults is strung, increasing in malice after each word is spat. The words belonging to neither the young man nor woman involved in the altercation. Initially the voice is faint, but now it transforms, assertion and incredulity exuding from each syllable uttered. The voice sounds familiar yet foreign. The words expressed resonate with my being: they are identical to my thoughts. The firm voice slowly states the implications of the woman’s prejudiced words, reassuring the young man of his rights, and supporting his attempts to regain what’s his. Uttering the disgust and disappointment regarding the woman’s racial profiling and bigotry. As I regain full attention I observe as the hand flinches, closing forcefully upon itself: remaining by it owner’s side. The voice stops, the cabin remains eerily silent, their attention is still directed towards me. A soft cheer erupts from the cabin, I search for the recipient, looking to where their attention is directed. Yet where did that voice come from? That voice, so oddly familiar, belongs to me. I remain…show more content…
The once flustered flight attendant composes herself as she approaches the young man, apologising for his inconvenience, reiterating that the airline does not condone such discrimination. As she requests the young man to gather his belongings, the racist woman exaggeratedly spits “Finally, took you long enough”. The hostess, unaffected by the spiteful tone, politely requests that the woman do the same. The hostess escorts the woman to the end of the plane, it’s there where security guards restrain the uncooperative woman, forcibly removing her from the flight. Her bigoted insults ring throughout the cabin. The young man gains his
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