Hug Me by Meg & Dia Song Analysis

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Joyce G. Almencion March 14, 2013
BA Literature
“Hug Me” by Meg & Dia inspired by the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

American rock band Meg & Dia has always been inspired by literature in writing their songs. In 2005, they released an album called Something Real which contains twelve tracks that are all inspired by literary works like John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”, “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier, and Vladimir Nabokov’s “Mary”. The song “Hug Me” however, did not make it to this album. It appeared on the next one called Here, here and here and it is the only song in that album that is inspired by a literary work
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The line “Your eyes are dust, dirt porn magazines” represents the way how John believes Lenina thinks because all the World State citizen think about is having someone and have sexual intercourse with them. Another line, “You’re lazy, selfish but you were raised that way”, describes another characteristic of the World State citizens. They seemed very lazy and selfish due to how simple their life is in the World State compared to John’s life back in the Reservation. In the novel, John is willing to sweep the floors for Lenina, but she responded, “We’ve got vacuum cleaners”, calling it Epsilon Semi-Moron work. John is trying to impress her by doing ‘nobly’ jobs but Lenina just do not understand the concept of working.

The next line, “It’s a whore here that was bred”, refers to John’s view of Lenina when she starts taking her clothes off thinking that it is what John wants when he confessed his love to her. John, quoting Shakespeare, called her an “impudent strumpet” which means whore. He realizes that the World State’s view of love has bred Lenina into a whore.

In the chorus, there is a line that goes: “It’s the very face I fell for in the human race.” It tells about the love that Lenina has for John. She is attracted to his physical beauty exactly like what she feels with people in the World State. The next line, “I was brainwashed to be honest in this brave new world” simply describes the citizens of
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